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Our Story and Our Purpose

Founded in the midst of the 2020 COVID lockdown, The Seed was “planted” out of a preschool teacher’s determination to help parents of preschool children with navigating the changes that occurred after the sudden closure of schools. Many parents found it difficult to keep their children engaged while being at home throughout the day. Most of them turned to providing passive screen time for their children, which was quite alarming from a preschool teacher’s perspective. With these circumstances in mind, The Seed Learning or TSL decided to launch a one-on-one online tutoring service, wherein the teacher collaborates heavily with the child’s parents or primary caregivers. Apart from this, our services also allowed children (and their parents) to be reintroduced to structure and routine during a time when everyone was stripped off of it. 


Since then, TSL has grown into a community of learners that consists not only of preschool children, but also of teachers and parents alike. At present, we have expanded from providing one-on-one services to providing regular playgroup classes for toddlers as young as 18 months old. We have also launched a wide array of learning experiences outside of the virtual preschool classroom, such as specialty workshops for children, Activity books, Activity boxes, professional development training for teachers, and various learning resources (e.g. Youtube videos and blog posts). 


TSL believes that learning does not only happen within the four walls of the classroom–the 2020 pandemic has become proof of this. Learning happens when a small group of individuals are engaged, and are mindfully working together towards a common goal. We believe that everyone is a learner and anyone who is able to provide nurturing and engaging learning experiences can be a “teacher”!

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