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Mindfulness is the basic human ability to pay full attention to the present moment. It is an innate ability that can be trained to help us deal with difficult experiences. Mindfulness practices are backed by science and experiences. Teaching this during early childhood help shape three critical skills:

  1. Paying attention and remembering information

  2. Shifting back and forth between tasks

  3. Behaving appropriately with others

Benefits for kids:

  1. Increase focus

  2. Improve performance

  3. Listen better

  4. Decrease stress

  5. Feel happier

Try this at home!

Do activities that encourage your kids to tune into their senses.

  • Play a game during Snack Time, where you eat your snacks slowly, paying attention to the texture and tastes of the food you are eating and the sounds they make when you bite into it.

  • Make a Calming Jar

  • Listen to guided mindfulness prompts for children.

  • Play nature or animal sounds to toddlers and ask them to listen and identify the animals and/or sounds that they hear. Check out our Mindfulness playlist on Spotify!

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